Vein Treatments

Offering A Range of Vein Treatments


(Also called endovenous chemical ablation or foam treatment).

If spider veins or varicose veins cannot be easily located on the skin’s surface or if there are larger affected veins deeper beneath the skin’s surface. Dr. Jacobsohn opts to use ultrasound-guided sclerotherapy (see detailed definition above). This treatment is completed without anesthesia and is minimally invasive due to the ultrasound technology that allows for a real-time ultrasound guide to inject a treatment solution in the affected vein or veins. This treatment may be selected as the next step after a varicose vein recurs following a vein ligation surgery. These injections cannot be repeated in a 21-day period.


This method is the use of medication injected into either varicose veins or spider veins. Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive solution to treat these veins due to the dysfunctional vessel. The number of treatments varies per patient due to an individual’s extent of vein disease as there is only a certain amount of medication that can be used in one treatment appointment.

The purpose of this injection is to close off the dysfunctional vessel. The body will metabolize the collapsed vessel allowing the vein to visibly fade within a few weeks to several months depending on the size. These injections cannot be repeated in a 21-day period.


This is sclerotherapy with the use of a compression device such as compression stockings or bandages.


This technique is used with the guidance of an ultrasound to ligate (tie up or otherwise close off) the vein and areas of reflux (venous insufficiency affecting the circulation of blood in the lower extremities).