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Vein Treatments

Treatment options range from self-care to minor surgery.

About Dr. Jacobsohn

The Vein Clinic was established in 1995.

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Go To Choice For Treatment Of Varicose Veins On Vancouver Island

The Vein Clinic is located in Nanaimo, BC and proudly serves all of Vancouver Island and beyond. Dr. Jacobsohn’s practice includes leg vein treatments using sclerotherapy, compression sclerotherapy, echosclerotherapy (also called endovenous chemical ablation or foam treatment) and surgical treatments (ligation) under ultrasound guidance.

Cutting Edge Treatment

Sclerotherapy – medication injected into the veins causing them to collapse and eventually disappear over a 2-4 week period – is still the gold standard for the treatment of leg vessels. Not only a cosmetic treatment, this simple office procedure can also relieve the pain, fatigue, and swelling caused by varicose veins. It can also eliminate even larger, deeper varicose veins without surgery.

Some vein diseases, however, are too severe and may require more than simple injections. Dr. Jacobsohn will review all available options and help you select which treatment is best for you. His complete examination and a full history of your vein disease will help him determine the best course of treatment.

Dr. Jacobsohn strongly believes that a duplex ultrasound examination is essential for the diagnosis and treatment of most vein disease.

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